The Heatwave Returns

I am not one to go into a dissertation on climate change and environmental lobbying, but the recent drastic weather changes here in Europe are cause for concern. One moment we have scorching dry heat sweeping over the continent skyrocketing into the 40s (centigrade), the next moment we have a cold wave that drags the temperatures down 20c overnight and we are back in sweaters.

The past week was a comfortable ride in the high 20s and low 30s, but yesterday wiped the slate clean and it’s nothing but mid-30s for the rest of the week. This is when I am grateful for having so many plants in my apartment, they really do act as a buffer and soak up all the heat, leaving the interior significantly cooler.

Hydration is the only way to go these days, and keeping those fluids going is a fun challenge. I do believe in a daily intake of 1.5L fluids, but find water on such hot days lacking in the necessary electrolytes. I have a lot of tea left over from winter, and find that rooibos makes a particularly pleasant summer drink when mixed with fruit juice. Even if you don’t add fruit juice, the intense flavour of the tea itself allows it stand alone, without any need for additional sweeteners.

My daughter returned from Mexico last night and brought me tamarind pods. I am thrilled to have them again and couldn’t resist boiling some immediately to make a tamarind juice to get us through the heatwave the next few days. Rich in vitamin C, tamarind juice is an excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, with an impressive list of health benefits. Click HERE to read more.

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