Allergies and Heat

©FrogDiva Photography

If anyone has tried carrying me or picking me up, you will know that I am a pretty solid pear, weighing in at… oops, a lady shouldn’t reveal her weight. Nevermind, let’s just say that I am not light and fluffy. I love to eat, and am never ashamed to ask for my dinners a little early.

Unfortunately, I am allergic to a lot of things, so I get food made for sensitive cats, otherwise I break out in rashes and itch all over. It can be most unpleasant. I had a bad case of the itches this past spring, when Mom was a bit more adventurous and bought us some really delicious meals. Sadly, it did not go down well and I am in recovery. All our wet and dry food has been adjusted to hypoallergenic, even if Cherry and Lolita don’t need it. Such menus limit our repertoire but hey, what we lack in flavour variations I make up for in quantity.

Having been born in the tropics, I am used to the heat and absolutely love it, just like Mom. I have trouble with this thing called winter, especially since I don’t like sleeping on soft fluffy things. I prefer the bare hard floor or a sand box, but none of this cat bed nonsense. A plain cardboard box is my favourite, much to Mom’s frustration, since she has tried just about everything. Nevertheless, cold hard floors are practical especially during summer.

Something called mosquito nets were recently installed and I don’t like them. They limit my movement and I can’t go out and spy on the neighbours as often as I used to anymore. But I have to admit, we all sleep better at night, with less creatures flying around the house. The novelty of catching these fat river flies wore off very quickly the first summer we moved here. I don’t know what all the fuss is about, but I certainly don’t eat dead flies like many other fellow cats do. Yuck.

So my human friends, this is me checking out for the day. I need to lounge in front of the electric fan again. Ta ta!

Meowingly yours,

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