Transformation Of An Old Rescue

©FrogDiva Photography

Good morning my younger mortals, my name is Lolita, and I am a 14-year-old rescued Persian taking over the blog today. I found my forever home in May 2018, after being given up at the shelter just for being old and messy. It wasn’t my fault that my previous human didn’t care about brushing me or noticing that I had tumours in my belly. So I spent several weeks in the shelter infirmary, scared, confused, and locked up in a little metal cage.

My eyesight is poor, my hearing atrocious, and my legs wobbly. But I can jump if need be, up to a chair or sofa to claim my spot and demand cuddles. I don’t like being picked up and carried around, that scares me, but oh boy do I love food! When they operated me last year, I also had teeth extractions, which means I don’t manage kibble very well. So I make up for it in wet food.

I am not greedy, but I will go around from bowl to bowl and check out what the others are eating, and will finish any and all leftovers. Once my belly is full, I make three rounds around the apartment, have a tiny sip of water, and then settle down for a nap. When I first arrived here, I was so scared of everything and everyone that I spent two weeks under a bed. But now I have established seniority and the other two just have to make way for me.

Since I am a Prussian Persian, I like things on schedule, with little digression and variation. I hate surprises, and need my time to figure out whether visitors in this house are friend or foe. When in doubt, they are all foe. I love to sun myself in the afternoons, and curl up on blankets, but in winter, small dark cubbies are my favourite if there is no Mommy to snuggle up to. Going out to the balcony is not my thing, nor is snooping on the neighbours.

I don’t understand friendship with other cats, but I never start a fight. Sometimes I forget I have a voice and will meow in mute mode. Drives every nuts because they never know whether I am hungry, friendly, or just plain old senile.

Oh, I was supposed to tell a story? Geez, I forgot. Oh well, gives me an excuse to return another day!

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