Cat Philosophy

©FrogDiva Photography

To err is entirely human, to be divinely correct is feline.

Trip if you must, but never apologise for looking like a fool; instead, treat your audience to a display of cultured elegance by fixing your face.

Fall you will, many times in life (sorry, I keep forgetting humans only have one life), but learn to twist right in time so you land on all fours (oops, two), and move on.

It is never too early to eat.

There is no such thing as just one serving of anything. If it is good, for heavens sake ask for more.

For every act of kindness that you receive, give back at least twice as much in return and add a few hairballs for good measure, just to show how much you trust the other person.

One is never overweight, the correct term you seek is fluffy.

Suffering is temporary. Believe in rescue teams. They come in all shapes and sizes, and at all hours too.

Bad haircuts are the best test of your sense of humour. If all else fails, it will grow back.

No such thing as a cowardly cat, be a master of logic and planning, use everything to your advantage.

Walk through a room with confidence and let the rest of the world think you own the place. The toilet is at the far end on the right.

It takes skill, absence of stupid remarks, and perfect timing to catch a bird and mouse. Frisbees are for yappy dogs.

You cannot solve problems or conquer the world in your sleep, but you will feel ready to do so after a power nap.

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