Have I Ever Told You…

Listen carefully ©FrogDiva Photography

I am six years old but on some days I feel as though I am 20, especially living with two senior citicats. Why Mom had to be so kindhearted and rescued them as well I will never understand. I was perfectly happy without them, but it has been over a year now and I suppose I have learned to live with them. Whether I will ever forgive Mom is another matter…

What am I like on regular days when I don’t travel around Berlin or the rest of the world? Well, I am hypersensitive to most cat food and break out in rashes when fed the wrong kind of wet or dry food.

I eat when under stress… and since I am the heaviest cat among the three of us at home, you could say that I am a stressed out kitty.

I don’t use the kitty litter as my toilet. I use a nappy board. For some reason I never liked using kitty litters, it took Mom two years to teach me how to use one. In spite of that, I refuse to use it and will use my diapers instead. Which is actually fine because since I travel a lot, it is easy to set up my foldable nappy board in the hotel or guest house. There was one day that my humans accidentally locked me out on the balcony. Water was no problem, I just drank out of the lotus pond, and we had budgies at the time, so entertainment was not an issue either. Ah, but toilet was. I looked around, contemplated the fact that flower pots are not an alternative, and then my eyes fell on the table with a beautiful white table cloth. That would work as a diaper, right? I mean, as long as it is cloth like and I can fold it over when I am done… oh boy did I get a scolding afterwards! On the other hand, Mom never locked me out again!

Straight from the tap! ©FrogDiva Photography

I prefer to drink running water, which means it has to be straight from the tap. Now this can be a bit tricky with some modern designer sinks which are super slippery. Thank goodness Mom got us pet drinking fountains! But we can’t carry those around when we travel so I keep up the sink skills.

Lastly, I only meow as an emergency measure. Otherwise, I communicate through a wide range of snorts. A running commentary on whatever I see or experience will be non-stop barf-like snorts, which to the uneducated sounds as though I am about to cough up a major hairball.

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