Champagne Trails: The TravelCat Diva at 6

Birthday Girl ©FrogDiva Photography

Ever since Champagne and I left Manila in 2017, her last attending Vet makes sure to send a birthday email for Champagne on the dot. When I woke up this morning and checked my email, there it was, the beloved email from the veterinary team at Beterinaryo Sa Fort (BSF) Animal Clinic in Manila, wishing Champagne all the best another trip around the sun. I love the expression and it suits my little girl so well.

When I rescued / adopted Champagne in Bangkok in 2014 I never imagined that she would become my soul animal, or as others may call it, spirit animal. She is an extension of me, and has been trough the worst of storms in the last three years as we moved from Bangkok to Manila to Berlin. She is a tough little cookie, a perfect travel companion, and a very comical housemate. The changes have not been easy on her, most especially having to adjust to living with additional feline housemates since last year.

As an accredited and certified Emotional Support Animal, (ESA), Champagne takes her duties and roles seriously. She is always there for me, can read my moods, and has her quiet little way of making things better. She doesn’t ask for much other than companionship and like me, has her own take on life. She will take anything that comes her way with grace and serenity, and in spite of all the major changes and upheavals, she always lands on her four feet – as long has she has the basics in life within her grasp.

She is not the sporty type, enjoys the company of others, but also adores the quiet solitude of being outdoors exploring. She takes great comfort in the sun, and looks absolutely miserable on cold and rainy days. Reading over my words, it seems as though I am writing my own biography, but this is precisely why Champagne is my kindred spirit.

She has been with me on most major trips in the past three years, and whenever possible, I take her with me, much to the amusement of everyone who peers into her travel pack. There is no other cat quite like her who will happily ride buses, trains, cars, and planes without complaining, and not budge much when confronted with dogs. She can act perfectly lost and ditsy at times, but considering the inner strength this little cat comes equipped with, she cat be as ditsy as she wants because she snaps back into shape when needed.

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