Make Me Climb Stairs, Will Grumble

©FrogDiva Photography

That is my mantra of the day, and has been since last week. Ask anyone who has travelled with me at any point in my life and they will confirm that I absolutely detest climbing stairs with a passion. It is not that I am lazy, but I am traumatised from my childhood of having had to climb pyramids and being frightened to death of coming down without anything to hold on to.

I can walk 30km a day through any terrain without grumbling, like I did so during the Camino in Spain, but don’t make me climb stairs! In the good old days when I could afford to go to the gym, the one machine I made sure to avoid like the plague was the stepper or anything remotely related to stair climbing.

Unfortunately, the elevator in the building where my office is located has been out of service since last week, and just my luck, the office is on the fifth floor. So I make sure I have nothing to do outside during the day so that I don’t have to climb all five flights more than once!

There are always two sides to a coin, and in this case, a perspective. One should never be a prisoner of the mind for very long, as it tends to lead to foul moods. A colleague called this morning and pointed out that another way of viewing the matter was to convince myself that I work in an office with integrated gym, offers bottomless coffee and ensures that the daily dose of vitamins is met (fruit basket). It was really difficult to come up with a counter-argument to remain grouchy.

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