The Necessary Darkness

The Clam Diggers ©FrogDiva Photography

Here’s a thought: darkness is absolutely necessary in order for the light to shine brightest. Some of you might be saying, well duh, of course you do. The thing is, not everyone thinks this way. We have been conditioned to do everything in broad daylight, and if you undertake anything at night, it should be with as much light as possible. This, I have learned from living in Europe, leads to time pressure. One is under pressure to make the most of daylight, work yourself to death in summer, when the days are long, to prepare for the winter months.

But contrasts are necessary in life in order for the differences and strengths to be appreciated. It is in the darkness and the winters of our discontent that our strengths and courage are tested. How good are we at navigating through a crisis, (be it emotional, financial or professional)? Do you cower in fear in the dark complaining about the absence of light and wait for the morning to come or someone else to turn on the lights for you? Or are you the type who will have packed a flashlight or a set of matches and a candle to chase the darkness away?

Don’t take my words and image literally. The candles and flashlights of life come in different shapes and forms. Some call it faith, others inspiration, and still others, friendship. Whatever the light that helps you out of the darkness, embrace the fact that its true nature is seen best in the darkest moments.

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