Natural Office ©FrogDiva Photography

This is definitely the first time I am blogging from under a tree. My previous appointment ended early and I am way too early for the next one. The weather is too gorgeous to be wasted by spending it indoors and I have no inclination to wander around shops. This is what I love about Berlin, no matter what part of the city you are in, there is always a park nearby where you can stretch out and find your peace and quiet – that is, if. you manage to extricate yourself from the ice cream shops and outdoor cafes.

I should do this more often, but Berlin weather can be as temperamental as a menopausal woman. One moment it is hot and sweaty, the next it is cold and miserable, and this pretty much describes the weather we had all last week. The longer I live in Germany the more I realise why people flock to the outdoor cafes the moment the sun shines, even if it is still cold. The sun can be such a rare occurrence during Spring, and it is difficult to predict or plan the next opportunity.

It is Friday evening and everyone is reluctant to go home, understandably so. This moment is a gift to my soul, a priceless moment of serenity, unburdened by obligations, and letting go of everything that troubles me. For this brief interlude where the tree is my office and the grass my tapestry of inspiration, I reconnect with the writer’s soul, mindful of the chatty crow above me, the parents with prams passing by, the cyclists coming from all directions, and the groups of people doing exactly the same things as me, enjoying.

The simple pleasures abundant with the energies of the universe are not appreciated enough by those who live by the clock and are propelled forward by deadlines and money.

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