Champagne Trails: Spring Adventure!

Life in Germany is hectic, difficult, pre-programmed, and generally stressful especially if you are more of the free-flowing type who prefers to take their time with everything. Spontaneity is rare, because everyone’s lives run on a tight scheduled, usually pre-determined by some mode of transportation and an institution or place of work. Weekends then are extremely precious, designated for some much needed down time to re-charge.

I don’t receive many visitors these days, but when I do, they are definitely special. My soul sisters are scattered all over the world, and it is not a simple matter of dropping in unannounced for a cup of coffee and a quick gossip. No, these are rare, precious, and carefully orchestrated events that are planned in well in advance, because we never now when the next occasion will be. So it was that I spent a wonderful Sunday with Soul Sis BS who flew in all the way from Myanmar and honoured me with her presence. We were spoiled in Delhi when we could have weekly lunches together, seek solace in each others company to cope with life, culture and the general madness of the city, but live goes on and has taken us down very different paths. That is the magic of unconditional friendship though, where the bonds remain strong in spite of the geographical distances.

Top Down Diva (photo credit: Maike Herzog)

We started off with a lavish brunch at home, followed by an almost obligatory walk along the river. I say almost obligatory because we were so full that a certain amount of movement was required to digest everything. Champagne, of course, came along for the fresh air and sunshine, snorting her way joyfully from the moment she was put in the travel backpack. Watching the angry goose hiss at a dog invading its river water was a fascinating moment for the CatDiva, as were all the sights and sounds. At some point I decided to experiment and carry her with the flap open for a better view and more sunshine. There is a leash inside the backpack that can be attached to her harness to prevent her from leaping out in excitement or fear, which she knows very well already from all her previous trips. Oh wow, talk about life-changing moment! I don’t think I have seen Champagne this happy before, and she thoroughly enjoyed herself, knowing she was safely above ground and out of dogs´ reach.

Was that a bird or a worm? ©FrogDiva Photography

Later on, as we all sat on a bench on the riverbank to soak in the peaceful sunshine, Champagne felt comfortable enough to lounge outside her pack, but careful not to stray too far, knowing that a plethora of happy and frisky dogs were all out for their Sunday walk.

These are the days I manage to forget my burdens and enjoy life.

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