International Women’s Day 2019: Vagina Power #BalanceforBetter

I have been sick the past two weeks and towards the end of last week the doctor put me on medication that made me really groggy and disoriented. Staying awake was difficult enough, and minimal physical movement made my head spin, so this is the first day that I am up and about without a major coughing fit. My body is exhausted and I am fed up with being sick. So here I am, doing what I love, and writing.

Berlin is the first and only German state to have declared International Women’s Day as a public holiday, and the city is a bit confused. On the one hand, the additional public holiday is most welcome by all and sundry, but the misogiyists of the world question the relevance and need for a public holiday just for women. After all, we already have Mother’s Day … but my sassy retort to that is: all mothers are women, but not all women are mothers. In a country where women still struggle for equal treatment in various sectors compared to their Scandinavian or Asian counterparts, women in Germany still find themselves having to prove their academic, intellectual, and business savviness in largely male dominated sectors.

So yes, the intrinsic power of the divine feminine and the unique ownership of the vagina is being celebrated today. It sounds crude, I know, but what really distinguishes women from others? Don’t tell me it is is their ability to multitask or love, hold a family together, go out of the way for children, hold a job and run a household at the same time – because men do that as well, and sometimes even better. It is not the parenting skills either, because there are some dads out there who are far better parents than the mothers.

No, today we celebrate a feature that cannot be ignored, denied, or fully replicated: the vagina. Where does life really begin? This is an age-old battle that will never be settled, but I believe it begins in the womb, and the first spark of life is not conception, but orgasm. I am not making this up. For those of you who know and understand Hinduism, read up on Shiva Shakti and Tantra. Orgasm is the moment that elevates physical pleasure to the divine existence, detaching the body from earthly pleasures of the ego, thereby dissolving time and space. I’ll give you a few moments to digest all this… but fundamentally, the sacred and mysterious beginning of life is in the vagina, and no surgical procedure can imitate this no matter how hard they try.

A woman’s source of power can easily be converted into her greatest weakness. The pleasure becomes a lifetime of pain if not nurtured and given the freedom to find individuality. If you instinctively listened to P!nk and her powerful lyrics before reading this entry, I invite you to listen to it again, keeping in mind the strength of a woman and what she endures in a lifetime and at childbirth.

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