The Pursuit of Belonging ©MTHerzog

“There is some strange sense in which distance and closeness are sisters, the two sides of the one experience. Distance awakens longing; closeness is belonging. Yet they are always in a dynamic interflow with each other. When we fix or locate them definitively, we injure our growth.”
― John O’Donohue, from the book Eternal Echoes

The quote from John O´Donohue speaks for itself, and any attempt on my part to write a dissertation or reflection would do his words and memory a disservice. Allow me, however to share that this piece speaks to me as a continuation of my Letting Go project.

Creating distance, though painful it may be initially, has guided me towards my present path, shedding light on where I should truly belong. It has nothing to do with a geographic location, but the anchoring of the soul.