On The Eighth Day of Christmas… Packages go missing

Champagne misses her little trips to the tennis court. For as long as she could go out on these short escapades to the outside world, she didn’t bother much about running out into the stairwell.

Winter is not something that this native Asian understands, and she is suffering from cabin fever. She thinks that every delivery person is the walking incarnation of an opportunity to make a dash out the door, much to the amusement of others and my frustration. But the entire building knows her, so they know where to send her back to.

Winter and Christmas are also the times when the postal services go wonky and nothing works with the usual efficiency. Last week, a neighbour knocked on practically everyone’s door looking for a missing package. Usually we get a notification from the delivery service where the package has been left if we are not home – a very practical way to get to know your neighbours! But with all the temps that have been hired, the packages have gone missing and both sender and receiver are frustrated.

This time it was my turn to hunt for a missing package. I have resorted to hanging a note on the building bulletin board, appealing to anyone who might have received it for me during my absence. So far no positive results other than several cat escapades courtesy of Champagne. If she were a big dog I could train her to take the trash out or run over to the mail box, considering how much she loves going out, but a short ditsy Persian cat is pretty useless for house chores.

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