On The Third Day of Christmas… Was The Day I Shot The Radio

Maybe the title is not singable, but it certainly reflects how I felt this morning when I turned on the radio. Let me backtrack a bit and explain that I have internet radio, which allows to me to choose from a plethora of stations around the world. It is a great concept and it has no obnoxious commercials like the regular transmissions, where you often get the feeling that there are more commercials than music. I have station from Greece that plays New Age music the whole day, primarily nature sounds, and this is what I leave on for my cats when I leave for work in the morning. It is not unusual to come home to whale, bird, or dolphin sounds in my living room while my three cats are snoring away. 

The point of this radio rambling is that all the stations around the world are playing Christmas music at the moment, in every possible manifestation, which is expected, considering the holiday season and all. But there are two songs that I absolutely abhor now: I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas and Let It Snow. Maybe some of the Canadian, Norwegian or Russian readers will back me up on this one, but whoever wrote those carols never lived in Berlin or anywhere in northeastern Europe where the snow and the winds are very much like the Death Eaters in Harry Potter: they suck the life right out of you. 

I am the last person who will ever jump up and down gleefully when it starts snowing, because I am a commuter and dang it, and if it snows then I have to slip and slide my way to the bus stop! No, do not let it snow! 

The temperatures have dropped in the last 24 hours to 1C during the day and -3C at night. Technically, it is snow weather, depending on the humidity in the air, but so far it has “just” been raining, which is no fun either because the wet sidewalks and roads freeze over and you get to glide unpleasantly from Point A to Point B. These are the days when the police and fire department are constantly on the road simply because the front of the car decided to go in the opposite direction as the rear end of the car. Skidding and sliding are not just perilous for pedestrians! 

The irony of I’m Dreaming of A White Christmas? The lyrics were composed by Irving Berlin… for Bing Crosby. Rumour has it that Mr Berlin was sweating it out in sunny California when he wrote it. Well, Mr. Berlin, let me tell you that I am dreaming of a warm and sunny Christmas, colourful and plentiful, were I can drink ice-cold drinks and fruit smoothies while dressed in thin cotton dresses. Instead, I am swaddled in fleece stockings and woollen turtlenecks, drinking litres of hot tea and stomping around on the cold, grey pavements in pitch darkness. I am not often struck by homesickness, but the dreary Berlin winters will draw it out of me each and every time.

Yeah, I am being a froggy Grinch again. When these two carols come on the airwaves I switch to iTunes and blast Adele’s Set Fire To The Rain or Daughtry’s Loosing My Mind

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