Turning to Stone

I blinked and now it is September. If I were living in the Philippines, I would have heard the first Christmas carols chiming on the radio this morning, ushering in the so-called ber months. For the sake of nostalgia, I am being true to my Filipino heritage and am writing this blog with Christmas music in the background! It is cold, dark and windy outside, with fireworks going off in the background somewhere anyway, so being cooped up in my warm apartment with candlelight and three purring cats is absolutely delightful!

In my last entry I wrote about the changes taking place in my life, and one of them is in my cookware. Starting over in mid-life is a peculiar experience, but also a fantastic opportunity to do everything I have always wanted to do. When I moved from Manila to Berlin last year I gave away a lot of my kitchenware, which was an amalgamation of my share of the household after the separation, and the items I inherited from my parents. Of all the pots and pans I ended up with, I treasure the two cast iron pans that my mother has held on to since our days in Mexico, making them at least 40 years old. I thus arrived in Berlin with one non-stick wok, a pan, and assorted stainless steel pots. Most of these items and I have parted ways over the last 12 months and been replaced by stone cookware.

Turning to stone ©FrogDiva Photography

Some of you reading this may be frowning and wonder WTF is stone cookware. No, I am not on the paleo diet, nor have I gone backwards in time to cook over open fire. These are pans that have been coated with ground stone, mostly marble or granite, which make them the best type of non-stick cookware I have ever encountered. They are a dream to cook with, easy to wash, are scratch resistant, you can use metal or plastic utensils, and are energy saving as well. Like the cast iron pans, the stone coating regulates the temperature evenly and quickly, which means you can cook faster and at a lower temperature regardless of whether you are using a gas, electric or induction stove. Because on the inherent non-stick characteristic of the stone coating, I also need almost no oil. Efficient, energy-saving, and healthy – what more can I ask for?

I first used one of these pans in Italy and fell in love with it immediately. Nothing else will do it for me anymore and there is no turning back to the standard non-stick pans. The technology is originally Swiss, but like all things Swiss, the prices are prohibitive. The German line of stone pans are much more affordable and come with a 12-year guarantee. For those of you in North America, the Canadian line is highly acclaimed.

So my hair is turning silver and my pans to stone… what next?

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