Bridges of Berlin: The Unknown Eyesore

This pedestrian overpass along the Heerstrasse in Berlin-Spandau has no name, just a story.

Nameless demotion ©MTHerzog

Built in 1965, this steel bridge used to at the Europacenter Mall along the Tauenzienstrasse.  Considered an eyesore to many primarily because it blocked the view to the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche (Emperor William’s Memorial Church), the bridge was dismantled and transferred to the remote Heerstrasse in. Spandau in 1979.

The Tauenzienstrasse runs perpendicular to the Ku’damm, and the two streets are the main arteries of Berlin’s most fashionable area. Understandably, this posh area where Berlin’s high society promenades and most tourists will congregate after a long day of visiting the landmarks, is no place for such a dilapidated and dull bridge that no longer serves its purpose.

It stands alone on the Heerstrasse, nameless and forgotten, and very few will be able to even identify this structure, and fewer even to tell you the story. It is a clear statement of whitewashing and gentrification of a city that has undergone many a facelift throughout its colourful history.

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