Migraines: When The World Goes Dark

Migraine is an evil presence and a lifetime companion that do not appreciate. I have more than my fair share of crosses to bear that trigger migraines from time to time, and they have become more frequent over the last two years. The neurologist isn’t happy; I am not happy. To compound matters, many of my migraines are triggered by cloudy weather, often bringing me to a standstill.

5.6.17dI refused to be put on medication for the migraines and was advised to be more active in sports. This came with a warning, however, that in the first few weeks there might be an increased amount of migraines before things reached a plateau and tapered off. There is not much that can be done about the high-pressure migraines triggered by the weather, so I grin and bear it on most days.

On my way home from work the other day I dropped by the pharmacy and asked the pharmacist for advice. She gave me cranberry-based multivitamin (especially formulated for women) with additional magnesium to take along with it. Menopause, she said, doesn’t help my cause either, so magnesium and vitamin B-complex should ease the suffering. At this point I am grateful for any assistance, and since the neurologist can’t find anything biologically wrong, and the GP says I am perfectly healthy, we are all at a loss. My therapist concurs with the pharmacist regarding the magnesium, and after some research, I decided it was worth a try.

How did I manage to avoid the migraines in Delhi, Manila and Bangkok? Weekly massages. It was affordable in those countries but not here in Germany. So I deal with the blinding pain and hope that it will ease up enough to go to work on some days. Sports works fine and dandy for all other cases, and I do notice the difference, but clouds are my enemy. I love to photograph them, and those of you who follow my photography know this, but they trigger excruciating pain.

My pain threshold is pretty high, but there are days when the only thing that helps is darkness, silence, and the scent of ylang-ylang or lemongrass.

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