After-work Quickies: Breitscheidplatz

Welcome to a new series in my continuous exploration of Berlin. Last week I got fed up of carrying my Fuji camera around for reasons that can be explained only as pure vanity: it limited my choice of bags. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a small point-and-shoot digital camera but I was asked two very important questions that made me stop and reconsider:

1. What can a point-and-shoot do that an iPhone with a good photography app can’t do? 
I have an iPhone 6 and have refused to upgrade so far. I have been very diligent in upgrading the software, and the unit is in pristine condition, so I really have no need – or desire – to trade in my beloved phone, no matter what others tell me about the newer iPhones out there. Furthermore, I use a photography app that has all the features of a decent point-and-shoot camera, including long exposure, low light photography, and bracketing. For the untrained eye, you can’t tell the difference between the phone and full camera, so why go for something in-between indeed?

2. Is there really a point-and-shoot camera out there that can meet my demands? 
I’ve been searching for the last two weeks and nothing seems to say Eureka! in my head. Maybe I’ve become too much of a snob to settle for a small point-and-shoot, but I know there are some really powerful units out there. I haven’t closed the book on that issue just yet, so stay tuned.

Now back to my original story:

Breitscheidplatz1So for those of you with a dirty mind, let me dispel the notion that the title of this entry suggests anything to do with a roll in the hay! I was on an errand this evening and had to deliver something to another office. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, one of those rare moments where Berlin shows off it’s best side with moderate temperatures, clear skies and sunshine.

It was the perfect walking weather, so it was just as well that the bus pulled away right when I reached the stop. And a good thing I missed the bus too otherwise I would not have taken the time to grab a few quick shots along the way.

Breitscheidplatz3Breitscheidplatz is perfectly situated between the Kurfurstendamm, Kantstrasse and Budapesterstrasse, offering a little of everything to everyone. If you don’t have any money to burn at the fancy boutiques, then grab a drink and sit down to enjoy the view. I guarantee you will not get bored, regardless of whether you stay for five minutes for five hours!

This is the one spot in Berlin that is a joy to photograph both in broad daylight and at night. I personally prefer the night version, especially in winter when everything seem darker that it should be – and much earlier too. But today was all about paying homage to the setting sun and the effect it had on the cornucopia of glass in the latest high-rise buildings.

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