Kessy’s Diary: A Fading Light

My little angel’s light is fading. After the wonderful Easter weekend, Kessy has stopped eating and her organs are shutting down. I keep her going with her medicine and vitamins, and she curled up next to the water fountain the last two days. But today she could barely walk and couldn’t drink on her own.

a fading light ©MTHerzog

I came home from work to a very weak little cat and knew immediately that the end is near. We cuddled on my rocking chair, and she still has her fight in her, being grumpy about a position she doesn’t like or insisting on returning to her bed.

This is what I was meant to do from the very beginning – give her a loving environment for her to fade gently into the night. Champagne is concerned, and has been very attentive. The last few nights have been the most adorable between the two cats, with them chasing around the apartment at 3:00am, or Champagne marching up to Kessy to rub her face in the older cat’s head.

We lived and loved Kessy on borrowed time, and each day that she got up to greet me or follow me around was a gift. She was my little prayer who entered my life for some unexplained reason during my darkest hours, as if she was meant to teach me all about fighting back into the light. Now that I found my way, my little angel’s job is done and feels that her mission is over.

I keep hoping for a miracle, praying that she will be up and about when my alarm goes off again later.


  1. Oh my dearest Tess. So sad and yet a peaceful way for Kessy to slip away surrounded by all the warmth and love.

  2. I am so sorry to hear that Kessy is not doing well. I just want to thank you for taking in a senior cat and giving her your love. I am sending prayers that she will get better.

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