Kessy’s Diary: Q1 achieved!

Where did March go? It did just that, marched out, and here we are, the first quarter of the year down, and I am still adjusting to writing 2018. It’s a good thing all the gadgets that I use update the time and date automatically, otherwise I would be completely lost. Last week we switched back to summer time here in continental Europe and it has made all the difference to my body clock. And when the going gets tough on some days, all I have to do is look at my dear Kessy and smile. Life is never easy, but before I grumble too much, reality slaps me in the face by way of a small, frail and very senior cat who lives with failing kidneys and continues to have a sunny disposition.

Going strong at three months! ©MTHerzog

This Easter weekend I have a lot celebrate, and I will write about them in separate blogs, but for today, Good Friday, I choose to take the theme of life triumphant over death, and rejoice the fact that Kessy has been with me for a whole three months now. We never thought we would get this far – I always hoped, but was never sure we could achieve it. She has good days and bad days, and on her bad days when she throws up more, she will curl up in her favourite corners or chairs and sleep it off.

This cat is unbelievably resilient though, and knows that she is surrounded by peace and love (makes me sound like a Flower Child from the 70s, which I am not!). Once the wave of sickness is over, the next thing I know Kessy is trotting across the apartment and jumping up and down furniture.

On other days she really shows her age. The shelter listed her as 15 years old but when I picked her up they warned me that it was just their estimate, and she could well be a few years older. Considering that she falls asleep in mid sentence, or while sitting up and trying to make a decision, I can believe she is closer to 17 or 18. My daughter and I called her Grandmother Willow (from Pocahontas) in the beginning because she is old, not sure about wise, but sways sideways while thinking things over.

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