Hump Day & Mid-Week Surprises

I am all for globalisation and learning from other cultures, a concept that has been a part of my life and lies at the core my being. I would not be the person I am today without having learned how to learn from other cultures. It is important for me spell this out, although it might be grammatically incorrect, but some people just don’t know how to open up to other cultures and learn the best from others. I learned to meditate in India, but to pray in Thailand. Filipinos teach me time and time again what it means to be community and extended family. In Germany I have learned independence.

Happy Hump Day! ©MTHerzog

I have never been to Canada – it is on my bucket list – and you certainly won’t find me in Canada during winter in this lifetime, but Canadian culture and Canadians have been a steady part of my life for decades. About five years ago, a fellow photographer from the photo community I belonged to at the time began posting his photographs only on Wednesdays (Toronto time) and wished everyone a Happy Hump Day. At first I was taken aback, shocked by the boldness of the words and wry sense of humour, but then I did a little checking around and discovered that Hump Day is indeed what Wednesday is referred to in Canada. The idea is that it is finally mid-week and once you get through Wednesday (over the hump) then the weekend is not far away anymore. I almost fell off my chair laughing and have adopted the expression ever since and passed it on to others. So thanks a billion KH!

I had completely different plans for my Hump Day but when our office received notice that the heating, hot water and air cooling system would be shut off for half a day in the entire building, we closed down for the day. It is bad enough to have to live with cold windows in winter, but it is impossible to work while you are freezing to death. In any case, the cats and I got up this morning and stared out at the pristine white landscape that greeted us. It began snowing in the early hours and by the time we pulled the blinds at 7:00 everything was buried in snow. Kessy turned around and went right back to bed, while Champagne stared out in horror.

It has been a slippery week with frozen sidewalks and unpleasant sleet. The sun is being a shy village maiden again, and vanishes the moment you begin to enjoy her company. Winter is being a bully this year and there are absolutely no signs of Spring. But in spite of the disgusting weather outside, I count my blessings today because I get to enjoy the warmth of my home and the serenity of my cats.

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