Lessons on Bliss From My Cats

We humans tend to overcomplicate things, overthink matters, and in general, make such a mess of our relationships that debases us to brutes and incompetent fools. For centuries we have been told not to behave like animals, but let’s be frank and take a good look in the mirror. Between the murdering, genocidal humans who have no qualms about shooting randomly at innocent people or leaders who want to allow teachers to carry guns, the animal kingdom is looking more and more like the superior race.

Humans claim to have ethics and morals, but we can’t keep our societies safe, or families intact or even our partners for a lifetime anymore. Heck, we can’t even relax and do nothing without the aid of an electronic gadget.

So I ask you, take a look at the following photographs and tell me whether you can deny the lesson on serenity:

Bliss ©MTHerzog

Serenity ©MTHerzog

My two cats have a tendency to prefer the luxury of warmth and soft music. They know when to laze in the sun while it is there, and will demand cuddles and food when they need it. If they don’t like the food, they won’t eat it. If the water is not fresh, Kessy will grumble and Champagne will shout. If I am late and have neglected them for far too long, they will nag until I devote my attention entire to them. Their affection cannot be bought, nor can you bully them into cuddling. Boundaries are respected, but love, loyalty and affection are unconditional. So no, I don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive vacations or run away to an island, or spend hours on a yoga mat. All I need is the willingness and ability to learn from a cat – which is harder than you think.

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