Kessy’s Diary: Sunshine and Fluff

There is no major story in this entry other than the desire to share with growing friendship between two cats who, up until seven weeks ago, were complete strangers. They are not the best of friends, but they trust each other enough to come running if one lets out a wail of discontent.

Kessy, I discovered today, has put on weight has actually has belly flab again! It was such a wonderful discovery that made me a proud crazy cat lady. No matter which way I look at it, they are my housemates and life companions. We look out for one another, in good times and in bad, and when the lights go out at night, I know that my two little girls are with me in more ways than one.

Time heals and builds ©MTHerzog

Friendship of any sort requires a fundamental trust on which to build on. Humans have language and a variety of ways to communicating, but cats are limited to their body movements and their unique language. They are far less expressive than dogs, but cats always have an uncanny way to looking right into your soul and understanding what mess you have gotten yourself into.

What do Kessy and Champagne have in common? They are both rescue cats who chose to give life, love and friendship a second chance. Like any other victims of neglect and violence, there comes a point when the trauma ends and they cease being victims and become survivors. This is a line you will hear in many support groups, be it for drugs, alcohol, rape, war, or anything else. The pain and the scars will always be there, as reminders of what they left behind, and it is the presence of these flaws that makes my two little girls valuable life coaches.

Champagne is unafraid of change and new beginnings, and Kessy defies barriers imposed by others, both of them teaching me that resilience comes from within.  Life is too short not to enjoy the sunshine, the naps, and the quiet companionship of a trusted one.

Click HERE to view the article with the full set of photographs.

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