Kessy’s Diary: Six Weeks and counting!

I would be remiss if I didn’t write an update on Kessy for all those who have been following her progress with such keen interest. This old cat has taught me so much about life in the short time she has been in my life. Champagne is my spirit animal, my soul cat so to speak, the one who will be with me and go anywhere. Kessy, on the other hand, is an amazing life coach.

Elegance and determination at 15 ©MTHerzog

Stop snickering and learn a thing or two from this old cat, like I did:
Lesson 1: Learn from your mistakes and eat slowly
Lesson 2: Walk away when you don’t trust the human or the situation –
Lesson 3: Not all fights are meant to be physical, a determined growl will do
Lesson 3: Learn to say no and make sure that others understand that you really mean it
Lesson 4: The deepest scars are never seen, so carry them with dignity 
Lesson 5: Never turn down any of the little moments of affection that come your way
Lesson 6: A weird roommate is better than none at all
Lesson 7: It’s never too late for happiness or too early for a nap
Lesson 8: There is dignity in ageing, so embrace it
Lesson 9: Have a safe place to run to, and never give it up
Lesson 10: Life is too short to eat crappy food – 
Lesson 11: If you have nothing nice to say, pretend you are asleep –
Lesson 12: The restless youth always have room for improvement, so teach them-
Lesson 13: Clean toilets are a good thing, fight for them –
Lesson 14: Don’t dwell on the wounds, but think about what you survived –
Lesson 15: There is no shame in asking for help when you can’t jump up on your own.  

The dignity and elegance of this senior cat is admirable, and her determination to have another go at life with all its trappings is something that puts me to shame. She can’t tell me her life story, but I know from her hesitation to trust again that it has not been an easy journey. Yet, she knows that a new beginning is a good thing, and she reminds me of it every day.


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