Kessy’s Diary: One Week Later

The real title of this blog entry should be “The Power of Love”. We have all heard the old cliche “love heals” or “the transformative power of love”, and a humans we are always skeptical about it, because there are those who also believe that love destroys. In Kessy’s case, though I don’t know anything about her past history and previous owners, I know she must have been loved but also severely neglected.

Depression is something that affects animals, and they grieve loss just as much as we humans do. When I first met Kessy in the Berlin Animal Shelter I knew she was grieving, undergoing depression, and had no will to go on living in that metal cage. The shelter and the caregivers gave her all the care she needed, but Kessy yearned for a home, and as I was told, a home to die.

Getting her groove back ©MTHerzog

Exactly a week ago today, Kessy came to live with Champagne and me, and all our lives have been turned upside down. The initially defensive travel diva is now attached to her new housemate, and will go out of her way to seek Kessy out at all hours of the day. They are far from being BFFs, but they have not fought, are civil and considerate of one another, and to some extent, have accepted each other as life companions in their own feline manner.

It has been a week of major revelations and transformations for all of us. Kessy is a completely different cat today compared to the one I brought home last week. She is curious, playful, very affectionate, has found a spring in her trot, and is much more stable on her legs now. The wobble that concerned me in the beginning is gone, and she can jump up and down chairs and furniture.

Kessy demands routine, explicitly expresses what she dislikes and will absolutely not go along with, and insists on her one-on-one affection time in the morning and evening. Yes, she is slower than Champagne, and won’t gallop through the flat like a bat out of hell, but she is alert, responsive, chatty, and makes wonderful company.

The two cats are learning to team up for feeding time and outdoor sessions on the balcony, which I find comforting. I am deeply moved by the gentle efforts of Champagne to involve Kessy in everything, even though the regal old girl does not see the need to go along with everything. I have read stories about animals expressing love and compassion, and for the first time I am witnessing it before my very eyes.

click HERE for the entry with a complete sets of photographs

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