Rise To The Window

pisa window
Let the air in ©MTHerzog

“First the pain, then the rising… “ those were the words of Glennon Doyle Melton that stopped me dead in my tracks. “Our job is not to protect ourselves from pain. It is to point them directly towards it and help them overcome so they learn to be strong and resilient.”  These words could not have been truer and more timely in my life. As I watched the Soul Session video in the darkness of my conservatory, the tears flowed freely and the pain emerged through the cracks of my walls.

On most days we limit our minds and visions to the world around us, safe in the knowledge that we embrace and find comfort in the familiar, systems and structures we know and trust, and cycles that we rely on day in and day out. For years I wallowed within my comfort zones that killed many a dream in the process and ate away at my spirit. So when fundamental change brought about by game-changing events turned my world upside down, I lost my footing and questioned my life perspectives.

Things that I held as truths shattered around me at a speed far beyond my ability to control it. I reacted instinctively anger, mourning the loss and temporarily losing the ability to evaluate the situation objectively.

Then I realized that change had reached the point of no return. But much as I am daunted by the unknown, there is always someone who come along and ask what it is that I cling to when everything is no longer where it is supposed to be?


The belief that I will emerge from the darkness whole keeps me alive and propels me forward.


It is only when I accept the loss and embrace the opening of a window of opportunity will I see the new horizon.

Key to survival.
The devastation and loss paralyzed me, but it is only when you are down that you learn to stand up.

Embrace it.
Part of the contract of life is accepting the whole package of pain that comes along with it. Don’t try to run away from the pain, because it is a sign that you loved.

That is when growth begins.


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