• Year: I can’t believe we are half way through 2017 already. It’s seems like an eternity since New Year’s Day and it has been the type of year where I don’t exactly cherish looking back, since the low points definitely outweigh the highlights. When one hits the bottom of the barrel like I have, I can only hope that the rest of the year will turn around for me and offer something more positive. Hope lives eternal.
  • Month: My container finally arrived on German soil yesterday. After being separated from my worldly belongings and any sense of home since the beginning of April, I am impatient to have my furniture back. The customs forms are still being processed and if there are no glitches, I should have a cosy little nook sometime next week. Much as I enjoy glamping, my patience is wearing thin. I am so sick of living out of a suitcase, rather, the contents of a suitcase, and will throw my boots and walking shoes against the wall any minute now. Each time I pass a shoe shop I gaze longingly at all the items on sale in my size, but don’t buy, knowing that my beloved stash of footwear is arriving. Soon.
  • Way: being separated from my cat Champagne all this time has taken a toll on me, making the emptiness of the apartment so much more prominent. Her results from the lab work done in Australia are back and she is good to fly. Her flight is booked and all we have to do is get her on the plane. On the one hand I wish she were not a snub-nose Persian and could have had her shipped over, but no airline allows a snub-nose Persian to travel unaccompanied, and no pet relocation agent will handle this either. So I do it the long and complicated way, and pick Champagne up personally and escort her to safety. I know exactly what some of you are thinking… why even bother for a cat. Well, considering that Thai Airways India lost my cat in transit in 2014, I am not emotionally prepared to lose another cat, much less give her away.
    • My preferred airline for pet travel is KLM but unfortunately KLM Manila turned me down,
    • I certainly am not flying Etihad or Qatar Airways at this point in time.
    • That leaves us Turkish Airlines, via Istanbul. I can only hope that there is no coup attempt this time that will have me diverted for 12 hours again.
  • Life: To say that I imagined my midlife to be very different is a gross understatement, but as the saying goes, Man proposes and God Disposes. What have the last three years taught me thus far?
    • Accept what comes my way with strength and courage,
    • be grateful for the good days and the bad, for they are an affirmation that the travails of life haven’t killed me yet, and most importantly,
    • face the new day with a determination to open new doors when so many have been slammed in your face the day before.
    • I’m too stubborn to give in to weakness, allowing myself to cry only when it hurts to get up again.
Simple Things ©MTHerzog

As I write this, I have several sparrows hopping around outside my window and peeping in as they munch on the birdseed I have put out for them. Many consider sparrows pesky, ugly, and useless. My parents taught me otherwise. Look to the sparrow for wisdom – find joy in the simple things life has to offer. Being small and considered ugly by the rest of the world is no reason to stop flying.

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