Volatile yet Gentle

Sunset in Spandau ©MTHerzog

It has been a very volatile Spring in Berlin so far, with all the weather elements showing up, sometimes even on the same day. We have had snow, rain, sleet, hail, gusty winds, heavy clouds that had me wondering whether it was going to rain or snow next. But through it all, there are moments of gratitude. The soft grass, the intoxicating scent of earth after the rain, the crisp fresh greens of new leaves that assault the senses when I walk through the forest, and every once in a while, the rays of sunshine that chase the gloomy days in an instant.

In Bangkok I had the fortune of photographing the sunset almost every day from the 22nd floor. In Manila I could always run to Manila Bay or Ternate and soak in the vivid colors of the sun setting behind the ocean. I didn’t even dare to get my hopes up here in Berlin, until this afternoon.

Mommy’s beloved sparrows have found their way to my balcony again. I have a regular breakfast gang who quickly picked up on the bread that I placed out for them, and came back with more friends and relatives. While I sit at breakfast in the conservatory listening to the chirpy chatter of the birds, there are also several ducks who patrol down the river, also discarding sassy comments as they pass the boats and look into the gardens.

As I sat quietly this evening and watched the day close it’s chapter, I realized that the sun had managed to creep through the clouds after all. I haven’t had the camera in my hands to photograph a sunset for a while, and my heart was exhilarated when I opened the window and stared out at the river.

I am home.

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