It has been 11 years since I last spent Spring in Europe. I was here for Easter last year and had the privilege of visiting the Keukenhof to indulge in flower power to the max. This year, Spring and all its trappings takes on an entirely new meaning in my life. It has been a year of great loss and painful lessons of letting go. But Nature has a way of reminding us that in spite of the barren Winter and frozen grounds, life goes on and the inherent resilience propels us forward.

I find solace in photography, a form of meditation and prayer. The mindfulness and awareness it demands of me forces my body and mind to eliminate all extraneous elements around me and focus only on the simplicity and beauty in front of me.

My little flat is situated in what my daughter calls the enchanted garden. She is absolutely right. Follow the links below and see for yourself what the garden has offered me in terms of renewal.


The Colors of Spring


The Spring 2017 Black and White Collection


The Tulip Chronicles (includes a few shots from the Keukenhof 2016)


To Leaf or Not To Leaf