Dear Champagne…

On December 1, 2016 I launched a series called Dear Champagne on this blog as a result of a series of wonderful emails exchanged between my cat Champagne and some very dear friends whom I have called Uncle Max and Auntie Charlotte. Ever since I left Manila last month, Champagne has been a guest at their house twice, and this morning she wrote an email (as dictated to Auntie Charlotte): (Kuya, is a form of addressing an older brother in Tagalog, and Ate an older sister)

Dear Mommy, 

Finally, I am writing to you. It is still a little dark outside and very windy. Yesterday was raining for most of the day and I watched the birds outside the window. 

So much for the weather. How are you and Ate Maike in Italy? Auntie Charlotte has mentioned to me that you have been nursing a nasty cold. Hope you get better soon. You really don’t like the cold European weather!!! Uncle Max and Kuya Eric were watching BBC news and they too are worried about the cold weather in Scotland this weekend as it is predicted to be around minus 7 with lots of snow!! Oh dear, I am talking about weather again!!!

alabang1As you have probably heard from Auntie Charlotte, I stayed with them over Christmas, which I enjoyed though, I was surprised when I arrived at their house and met their sons. They are not at all the little boys I thought they would be, but grown humans! At first I was a little shy but it only took a few minutes to be relax in their company. Both Kuya Kai and Kuya Eric allowed me to go in and out of their rooms anytime which I was happy about.  Both spent some time on the computer and it didn’t take long until I was sitting next to the computer keyboard of Kuya Eric which amused him. However, I did not do this with Kuya Kai though I am sure he would have also let me. But in Kuya Kai’s room I was just content to lie beside his chair and he patted me once in a while. Sometimes I fell asleep there.

And oh, I discovered a new chasing game with Kuya Eric that I absolutely love. I wanted to tell you all about this and dictate this news to Auntie Charlotte but she told me she had already written to you about it. Hmmpf 😏

They took me back on the morning of 27 December and when I arrived home, Kuya Mhar, my regular caregiver, was so happy to see me, he lifted me up and gave me lots of kisses. When Uncle Max and Auntie Charlotte said goodbye they promised to pick me up again a few days later.

I waited and waited, and when Uncle Max finally picked me up ( Auntie Charlotte had to stay home and prepare to prepare breakfast for Kuya Eric ) I did not hesitate to go into my travelling box. 

When I got to their house, I did my usual inspection, with Kuya Eric following close behind me. I checked every room and I stayed a long time at Kuya Kai’s room trying to find him. I even went to his bathroom and discovered he was not there. Realising I was looking for Kuya Kai, Kuya Eric explained that he had already gone back to the UK, but made up for his absence by spending a lot of time with me and even let me play with his keyboard. We had loads of fun with ribbon chasing. When you come home, can we play the same game? I will show you how good I am at it. I am sure Ate Maike will be amused. Oh, I miss her so much too. But I understand that she had to leave us because of her uni. Oh, oh, Please kindly tell her to enjoy her studies and Florence. I am looking forward to heari her speak Italian.

Have to go now Mom, since I am going home in a few minutes. Kuya Eric still has lots to do before he and his Dad travel tomorrow. I have asked Auntie Charlotte to send you more photos.

Take care and get well soon. Do not worry about me as I am very ok, though missing you of course. See you soon! Loads of love,

Champagne xxx


My dearest Champagne,

what a joy to receive your email! I really miss you in this city full of fancily-dressed dogs. It’s winter and they all have coats and hoodies when they go out with their humans, regardless of size. Sometimes owner and dog have matching outfits! I haven’t seen any cats though, but yesterday I met a lady who volunteers an an animal shelter and loves cats.   Fashion is everything here, even the horses wear colored ear muffs.

Life is very different here in Florence. You would love the little apartment I live in, and definitely enjoy all the bridges here. But don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you when I return and we can go back to the beach if you want.

Lots of love and hugs, Mommy.

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