Life Details(1) – The Core

This is where photography and creative writing find a common platform. For this month, the style of photography and writing changes for Guest Photographer HANS LUKASSE. Instead of short stories, each image presented is accompanied by a short reflection. This is part of a joint collaboration called LIFE DETAILS. Click HERE for the full set of photographs and texts. 

One of the things nobody ever prepares you for is that stage in your life when you are a mufti-tiered life sandwich consisting of teenager, aged parents, changing body metabolisms, and career changes. We begin to question our jobs and wonder what are we getting out of life in exchange for all the hard work. Are you doing something that makes you happy? Do you find fulfillment?

The Core – ©Hans Lukasse

These are the midlife crossroads, filled with a dizzying array of challenges and obligations to be met. What is our center? What is the core of our existence? Are we stuck on “I want to…” or do we embrace the transformation towards “I’m on my way to…”, the latter of course demanding an inordinate amount of courage and definitely takes you out of the comfort zone – but that’s the whole point of finding a new direction isn’t it?

The reluctance to give up the familiar in exchange for the unknown and the unfamiliar is riddled with uncertainty and fear. We lash out in all directions until we find a center, a starting point, and an anchor – a driving force that varies in density and strength, and it’s stability defines the rest of you.

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