Rebellious Escapade

Rebellion Sunset / Bocaue, Bulacan

Ever have one of those days when you felt as though the world was caving in and dragging you with it? That was my day yesterday, overwhelmed with everything that has to be done still pertaining to my parents’ recent deaths, and the work-related deadlines. I had originally set out to pick a fight with the local telecommunications company that had summarily ignored my service requests I sent in via email. Lo and behold, the service that I received was courteous and efficient, and everything was sorted out in less than 30 minutes. I was several thousand Pesos poorer afterwards, but relieved that things were finally moving in the right direction. So in a fit of rebellion, I got back into the car and decided to chase the sunset over the rice fields of Bulacan, the next province outside of Metro Manila.

Click here for the full article and set of photographs

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