Why I Mop At Night

Mop, not mope, although I do tend to do the latter as well… about a year or so ago I started watering my plants at night, having discovered that in the tropical heat this gave the plants a longer time to cool down and recover. Watering them during the day made them thirstier and the leaves sagged by the afternoon in the most depressing manner. By watering the plants at night I ended up enjoying longer hours during the day of happier-looking plants because they have had time to soak up the moisture and nutrients, and not lose half the water to evaporation.

My mother and the rest of my family will attest to the fact that I have always been a night owl, and the older I get the less sleep I seem to require. I love the silence of the late evening hours that allow me to concentrate on my writing far better than during the daytime. There are less interruptions, except for the occasional movie on television. I know of a couple of people who do their baking at night as well. I usually prepare my bread dough at night before going to bed so that it rises at reasonable temperatures and less humidity (better for the yeast) and is ready for baking by breakfast time.

b6_3d_ergy_mopping_tnsThe latest addition to my nocturnal activities is cleaning the house, specifically, mopping. Have you ever stopped to think how pointless it is to clean the house during the day? The moment you put your mop away and turn around to admire the clean floors someone is bound to walk in with their dirty shoes (or paws) and ruin your hard work. I prefer walking around the house barefoot, but in order to enjoy that I need clean floors. At the end of the day, when the last person has left and I know I can finally lock the door, I grab my bucket, broom and mop and start. I do adhere to the old Filipino superstition not to sweep outwards after sunset (otherwise you are sweeping your luck away) and take precautions to gather everything up with a dustpan. What’s the point? Same as the plants – longer hours of a clean floor and fresh house without too many people walking in and bringing in more dust, dirt or grime. Not to mention that the joy of waking up to a clean house in the morning is amazing.

I find that after spending hours between clean sheets (and took a shower before going to bed as well), putting your feet down on dirty floors first thing in the morning is a major let-down and a lousy way to start the day, even if you head for the bathroom first thing. OK, this doesn’t apply to those with wall-to-wall carpeting, but it is very pleasant and refreshing to potter around half asleep in  a clean space. Even the cat agrees.

Mopping (not moping) for me is very relaxing and I have managed to turn it  into a form of meditation. It’s purpose can be applied either way. If I have been sitting too long and need a break, it wakes me up. If I am tense or antsy, it relaxes me. Either way, I find it much more productive to mop at night, and it leads to far less moping around.


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