The Apprentice*

or my original title… Champagne’s Day Out. I have a new photography apprentice and travel buddy who has taken a great step forward. While we lived in Bangkok she kept me company out on the balcony every evening while I photographed the sunset, and she has missed this routine. Now that we have more or less settled down in Manila, I decided it was high time for us to resume our daily photography session. But with a twist.

cham5She had just returned from the vet / groomers and much to her surprise, I put her back in her travel bag. Once in the car, I let her out and she immediately understood that this was no ordinary ride.

In Bangkok, the only times she rode a car was to go to the vet, which she never minded at all, but would get restless. This time, she perched herself on the dashboard and stared out to the great Manila traffic with undeniable fascination.

It was pure fascination when I plopped her on the promenade ledge to set up my gear. The wind, fresh air, and the crashing waves were overwhelming. She sat most of the time in her bag, staring out to the ocean and observing the people passing by, sitting up when a couple of dogs passed by. There was no effort on her part to run away or cower down in fear. On the contrary, she was a cool cat all throughout.

No matter where she faced, this cat was content to sit and look, and somehow, was very appreciative of everything. To my knowledge, this was her first time at the sea, and seagulls made her jaw drop! The fact that a feathered creature could be bigger than her was something her brain struggled with.

*For the full version of this article with the complete set of photographs: The Apprentice 

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