The Midlife Recipe*

Picture of me 2

Here is the perfect recipe for disaster:


Mix vigorously together in any strong and stable female :

  • 1 bowl of menopause
  • 1 portion of long-distance parenting
  • 1 box of Empty Nest

*note that these are single applications only, so handle with care! There are no second chances!

frogettechef0003_tnsAdd at leisure:

  • 2 fistfuls of medical concerns,
  • Several heaping tablespoons of psycho-emotional issues,
  • copious amounts of senior citizen care


Stir until you can no longer tell left from right, nor up from down. Take special care to get rid of all clumps of stability. If the mental spatula can no longer stand up on its own, the right consistency has been achieved. Allow the bubbles of confusion and indecision to settle in and set the batter aside to rise with a volatile temper.

If desired, include three or more of the following ingredients below to really spice up the midlife loaf:

  • residency issues
  • psychiatric care
  • excess emotional baggage
  • medical bills
  • college tuitions
  • travel expenses
  • deadlines
  • relocation
  • exhaustion
  • burnout 

Bake at maximum threshold under extreme pressure.

Monitor any pending explosions. If left unattended, be prepared to clean up a horrible (emotional) mess.

Caution: do not poke with unnecessary stupid questions that will release hot steam or confine to the house.

Recommended handling: Baste constantly with unending spiritual nourishment, love and affection

*©MT Herzog / Revised version from the original published on 2 February 2016

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