As Autumn Turns

Loose leaves 

The concept of four seasons has been buried in me for so long that it takes a lot of deep digging to reconnect with it. The dreary view outside my conservatory of the trees losing their leaves and preparing for the onslaught of winter is a stark reminder that I am so far away from the tropics and the warmth of my home country. But what is home? As one of the kitschy mugs say… home is where my cat is, and for now, this week, it happens to be Berlin.

It has been over a decade since I last experienced a full cycle of four seasons, and it somehow, in some inexplicable way, fits perfectly to my life. As the vibrancy of Autumn retreats, so do the laid-back moments of colour. Sights, sounds, and energy are channeled inward, stoking the fires of inspiration strength and courage.

Transition ©MTHerzog

I recently had a conversation about faith and religion. I am not religious in any shape or form, and disdain hollow ceremony simply “because that is the way it is done”. I am, however, very spiritual and nurture an deep faith, drawing from all sources that will nurture my soul and propel me forward or further into a depth of self-awareness.

Religion demands, commands, dictates, governs, controls what to believe, how to behave, and how to interact. Most people with a religious component have built their lives around the church / temple / mosque, blindly accepting a set of values and precepts that have dominated their lives.

In this day and age of precision, traceability, accountability, and demand for proof, one wonders how the concept of God and faith are able to survive at all. In Europe, where the Christian churches have failed to modernise and adapt to the people’s needs like in Asia and Latin America, it is no surprise that so many have turned away and become agnostic.

How do you convince anyone to believe in something intangible that cannot be proven or quantified? You don’t. An individual’s conversation with his or faith is exactly that – individual and personal, and nobody else’s business.

How do you explain faith?

Random branches 

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